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          He dually notes the young girl’s apprehension as she approaches
          the infirmary, 
therefore he is quick to reassure her of the situation.


                ' Komui's okay. The nurse says it's only a dizzy spell. ’

A slow exhale of gratitude escaped her lips; fist pressed firmly to her chest in effort to quell the thunderous heartbeat and supposed inexorable trembling of her hands. “..I never thought I’d see the day Komui would have justifiable reason to avoid work.” Sheepish laughter ensued, impelling a façade of comfortable relief. Her violet orbs fleetingly rested upon the other and then towards the door. “I’m sure there’s more to get done today, I’d be glad to assist you if you’re over-taking any of his duties.”


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darkbootsofblood found the crown.



       ❝ …hello there, Lenalee. Do you remember me? 

" .. Al .. Allen? You’re .. I .. how could I forget you?”

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          "… I think we should work on your idea of fun, Lenalee.”

"…In all fairness you didn’t state that making snowmen had to be exclusive to the snow.”

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          "Is there anything that’s more fun to do
          around here than making a snowman?”

"I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Would it suffice as a paper snowman?"

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Anonymous whispered:do you actually roleplay with people or just reblog stuff? 

ooc; [ is shocked and offended ! I do actually RP with people.
it’s just hidden under a surplus of reblogged content. ]

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